Gaming & Entertainment

REALIS has successfully produced PVP games with multiple players at the same scene; we are
able to make free-roaming immersive games basing on the motion capture and large-space positioning technologies.In the future,
offsite online VR gaming will be possible. Players in different cities will be in the same VR battle,
which is going to give VR interactive experience and intellectualized entertainment for social purpose and subvert the traditional VR theme park andVR arcade.

For offline entertainment, REALIS is committed to multiplayers interaction VR gaming platform,
VR-PVP game《Project Darwin》and VR-RPG game《Dungeon Warriors》are created by the 3A-level
team who also participated in the production of《 Final Fantasy 》and 《 Resident Evil 》series.
It gives PVP and RPG free-roaming interactive gaming experience for 10 people at a time in an
area over 200 m².
REALIS Free-Roaming VR Game:
VR-PVP game《Project Darwin》
VR-RPG game《Dungeon Warriors》
VR-large-space survival game《Bio Arena》
VR-large-space multi-person escape game《The Lost Passage》
VR-PVP game《The Wings of Deterrence- Duel》
VR-PVP game《Snowdays》