Customized Solution
System Leasing

REALIS has set foot in various fields and industries and has made special solutions for sectors such as vehicle exhibition, museum, drone and simulative training. We provide a one-stop service including demand perception, planning, execution, installation, utilization, training and completion. By customizing our solution, not only we can respond to clients’ need better but also reduce their cost.

Process flow
1. Case study and project consultation
2. Integral solution planification
3. Technical evaluation/content development/ technical support
4. Technical test/device examination
5. Material installation/construction/adaptation/setting/training
6. 24/7 after-sale service and operation maintenance


VR large-scale multi-person solution integration expert
Independent R&D team leads to reasonable price that supplies huge market gap
Multiple cameras tracking system wholly developed on our own
Simple, straightforward and high-speed operator interface
Unlimited space for interaction between body gesture and the virtual environment
Installation/adjusting/training, technical support and after-sale service 24/7

Stay tuned for the coming solutions